Do’s and Don’ts for Mob of the Dead CoD Zombies Map

This is the first part of a multi-part series where I help people better understand a particular CoD Zombies map. Let is be a newer one, or an old one. A complex or simple one. This first one is on Mob of the Dead (MoTD), not Blood of the Dead (BoTD). I will be giving a solo guide.

To start off, you will want to charge the voltmeter (the thing you shock in afterlife to power stuff) in the spawn room to allow access to the Double Points power-up. Do NOT collect it, you will need it later! After that, make it to the start of round 3 and open the door from spawn that is in the Library (the room with the bookcases and cage-like door that you can see through. Go up the ramp and buy the B23R that is 900 Points to help you feed the Hellhound. Feed the giant Hellhound head (I will address it as Cerberus for the rest of this article) the 6 zombies it needs and keep at least one uninjured zombie alive. Then you should use your afterlives very carefully. You should open up the whole cell-block (Warden’s office to Cafeteria Entrance) collecting the one ‘Acid-Gat’ part and observing where the Warden’s Key is. If the key spawned over the Warden’s office follow these steps:

1) Go into afterlife and bring the key down, then run over to open up the Showers. DO NOT open the Warden’s office!

2) Get up and retrieve the key, open the gate in the Showers that stops you from reaching the washing machine

3) Go into afterlife again and power the washing machine, then run to open the Warden’s office

4) *OPTIONAL* While doing stuff in afterlife, you could power the cell door that holds a Double Points in front of the Cafeteria Entrance

Warden’s key hanging over the Warden’s office

If the Warden’s Key spawned over the Cafeteria follow these steps:

1) Go into afterlife and bring the key down and open up the Showers

2) Retrieve the key while alive and open the gate in the Showers

3) Go into afterlife again and power the washing machine and Warden’s office

4) *OPTIONAL* While doing afterlife stuff you can power the cell door that holds the Double Points in front of the Cafeteria Entrance

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The Quest Items: Warden’s Key, Prison Clothes, Gas Tanks, Generator, Control Valves, Rigging

After getting the Warden’s key and having both the Showers and Warden’s office open, you may move onto collecting another ‘Acid-Gat’ part and the first Plane Part.

The Warden’s office has the ‘Acid-Gat’ and the Showers has the Plane Part.

The washing machine down in the showers (That is hopefully powered) will activate a sort of ‘Lock down’ procedure. The room will get foggy and the Boss of the map (Brutus or Ferguson) will spawn in. A few bursts from the B23R will kill him easy, and the round should start over so don’t be afraid to kill a few zombies. After the ‘Lock down’ is complete you can retrieve the prisoner clothes. Now open the door to the Citadel Tunnels from the Showers and go down till you reach the Spiral Stairwell. In there you can retrieve a shield part and unlock a number panel that has three 0’s on it. You may end the round once you reach the bottom and are in the Alley outside Building 64 (Generator Room). You can sit down there with your back to the cage door that holds Juggernog, and kill zombies until round 5. There is a Uzi wallbuy in the staircase between the Spiral Stairwell room and the Alley, which may help if you need ammo and a Max Ammo isn’t coming. Once Round 5 starts you want to slow down on the killing, you want to keep one alive, since you are building the plane and leaving the island this round. Many don’t know this, but once you leave the island all perks on the island will become powered. So you don’t need to waste your afterlives on perks in the beginning rounds. But at the end of Round 5, with at least one uninjured zombie (If a single bullet even touched a zombie it will die out if you leave the area) you may open the Generator Room and the door in there to the docks. DO NOT OPEN THE GATE TO THE PLANE PIECE THERE! There is a helpful glitch that even works in Multiplayer, that will save so much time and efforts. You will want to go into afterlife in the Generator Room and shock all three of the powered wall generators in there.

The Generators to shock... Only image I could find was for BoTD
The wall generators that you shock. Image from BoTD but still the same thing

After that you can go out to that gate in the docks and jumps in front of it and aim and shoot at the voltmeter there. If you did it right you should see the second gate open and after that you can go and revive yourself. Then you can go back into afterlife and go up to the top of the Spiral Stairwell and walk down it taking a mental note of the three numbers on the walls that cut off parts of the staircase. 

Optional for those who are more experienced-  If you think you have mastered the afterlife mechanics and want a challenge I have a way to get the Rigging, Generator (shocking the three wall generators), and Gas Tank in one afterlife. Note that this only works if the Rigging’s’ three numbers are low (5-0 is ideal. If one number is higher you should be fine but if two or all three are 9-6 you may need to play it safe). First you shock all three generators, you always spawn into afterlife in the same spot so it’s easy to make a routine. Then run and do the rigging numbers and run to do the jumping gate glitch before finally reviving yourself. It will be cut close, so don’t worry if you think you may die. By doing this you will have anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds to revive yourself after doing everything, it all depends on the numbers you got for the Rigging.

Collect the Rigging first since it is on a timer, then the Oxygen Tank to add two more plane parts to the collection.

Now head back into the prison through the tunnels and go to the Warden’s Office to collect the Generator. Maybe the Acid Gat part too, if you didn’t when you opened the Warden’s Office. Then head back towards the Showers entrance and go into the Cafeteria. Build the Shield in the back of the Cafeteria (if you collected the parts down at the docks) and head back towards the Cafeteria entrance and open the Infirmary. Follow the stairs up and head down one of two hallways, to find yourself face to face with the last plane part. In one of the two hallways is also an Acid Gat part. Once you grab the plane piece, go into Afterlife and go down the hallway with the solitary cells. Go through the portal and jump to get onto the roof and shock the voltmeter next to the door that leads to the roof. Revive yourself and go onto the roof to build the plane. Board the plane and enjoy the short cut-scene, before you fall onto the Golden Gate Bridge. You will be greeted with several hanging bodies and a sign reading “NO ONE ESCAPES ALIVE.”  

(to be continued…. stay tuned for Part 2)

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