Horrified: Frightfully Fun

I came across the Universal Studios Monsters Horrified board game while I was shopping at the Boulder Target, in October. I wasn’t looking for a game per-se, but this IP is certainly interesting and the game box graphic is also eye-catching so I decided to buy it. Did I think I would be acquiring a fantastic game, no I did not…but boy did this one surprise me! 

Horrified is a cooperative game (à la pandemic) whereby the players (heroes) are trying to collect resources that will enable them to vanquish the monsters that are running amok in the town. They also have to protect innocent villagers that are moving about town while also avoiding direct monster attacks on their person all before time runs out. You have the option to mix and match the heroes and monsters that you can use in your game. The heroes all have  variable powers and the monsters you select to use will impact the level of difficulty in your game.

I cannot say enough about this game! The game board is beautifully illustrated and the components are solid.  The rule book is also well laid out. It presents clear illustrations to help with initial game set-up and it provides detailed instructions about each phase of play as well as in-depth information about each of the monsters, and their special powers.  

Horrified provides a thematic, immersive and fun gaming session. The game is simple to learn, has great table presence, and offers much in the way of replay-ability. If you are in the market for a fun, cooperative, family-style game this one would fit the bill in spades!

Horrified is a game designed by Prospero Hall and published by Ravensburger.

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