We Happy Few Review

On August in 2018 a game funded purely by Kickstarter, with 4,733 backers, was released. It was a horror survival game based around an alternate timeline where Germany was able to invade England during WWII. This game was called We Happy Few and you play the role as three different characters in the town of Wellington Wells. The game is divided into three parts, each character having their own story and dynamic, and each part will have you explore many different locations within this world without too much overlap. The map generates differently with each play through making things a little different each time you play. The first campaign starts with you playing as a man named Arthur whose story is quite sad but I will not spoil anything for those who want to play. Next you play as a woman named Sally who has her own problems but has some overlap with Arthur that is rather interesting. Finally you play as a foul-mouthed man named Ollie who wraps the story up nicely in his very unique way. This game also has two, in the time of me writing this review, DLCs. James and Roger in They Came From Below is where you play as Roger and you and your boyfriend fight robots. Second DLC is Lightbearer and you play as Nick Lightbearer, the rock star of the game, and you must fight the greatest evil Wellington Wells has seen. The whole game so far has been so fun and engaging, plus the side-quests expand the lore and secrets of this twisted town. The range of enemies are interesting and how each area has its own atmosphere and feel to it. The characters even interact with people differently in each area by saying phrases that fit those people and even hand movements. I am super excited for the next We Happy Few DLC and can’t wait to see who it’s for. James and Roger are in the main game, and so is Nick but the third DLC doesn’t really give you a hint on who it is.

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Anyway, I give this game a 4.5/5 stars. My only problem with the game is the long loading screens. OH MY GOD why does it have to load while I’m in an already loaded area? But that is my only complaint. If you can look past that, then the game will be amazing. Trust me, the story is incredible. Plus you can play the game how ever you wish. You want to sneak around and loot and knock people out in secret? How about going in guns blazing? Are you a pacifist and don’t want to hurt anyone? Well lucky for all of you because you can do any of those in this game. Also for those that love soundtracks to games, the sound track is all original songs that are amazing. All are 60’s themed pop-rock songs, here a song is linked below:

So, it seems the Bobbies have found this review and are looking for me. They believe I am a downer who hasn’t taken their Joy, and they’re right. I might have to go underground for a while until the Bobbies and Doctors stop looking for me. Maybe the Garden District isn’t so bad though, I heard they were remodeling Luds Holm. Plus the Plague can’t be real either right? It’s like Foggy Jack! Haha… I hope I’m right.

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